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In some form or fashion, everyone has been affected by racial microaggressions. Project E.M.P.O.W.E.R. is a website dedicated to educating college students (especially minorities who attend predominantly white institutions) of racial
microaggressions and what they can do to 
eliminate the presence of racial Image result for ole miss studentsmicroaggressions on their campuses. E.M.P.O.W.E.R. is an acronym that represents the main mission of the project, which is “Enhancing Minority Performance and Optimism While Eliminating Racism.” Project E.M.P.O.W.E.R.’s plan is to encourage college campuses to become more aware of the effects words can have on their students, especially if those words are used in a derogatory way whether aware or not.

Many people believe that presenting the idea of racial microaggressions could deepen the racial divide and increase racial tensions in America. Others believe that the idea of racial microaggressions is an over-exhausted way of keeping racism alive in America. However, the presence of racial microaggressions were a significant issue before the topic was given an identifiable term.

Racial microaggressions are hard to identify; as a result, most aggressed people choose to leave the issue alone. This, in turn, allows aggressors to continue using racial microaggressions because they are unaware of the effects their actions cary. However, this should not be the case; racial microaggressions should be added to the list of controversy like any other issue in America and tackled with great prevention.

Common Examples of Racial Microaggressions

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For a full list of racial microaggression examples, please follow this link.